For Evergreen and Deciduous Trees:watering

May to October – Water your tree every other day.

November – 3 times a week.

December to February – Water with hose in dry conditions on warm days.

March and April – 3 times a week.

Commonly Asked Questions:

How much water?

10 gallons per caliper inch.

What is the best way to water?

Drip system preferred.

What if I don’t have a drip system?

If using a hose, leave by the trunk at a slow trickle.

(1 hour equals approximately 30 gallons)

Will a sprinkler work?

No, a sprinkler will not give the water it needs.

If it rains, can I skip watering?

No, please follow the instructions above, regardless.

But I don’t want to overwater my tree, how do I avoid that?

It is difficult to overwater in Colorado because of wind, low humidity and general dryness. the tree is yellow, droopy or dying from the bottom up- this means it is not getting enough water.

I want my tree to help my tree flourish, when can I fertilize?

After the first year.  Fertilizing too early can shock and/or kill the tree.