Shade Trees for Sale Colorado

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Autumn Blaze Maple Trees for Sale

Autumn Blaze Maple (Acer x freemanii ‘Autumn Blaze’)

Height: 40-50′ Tall, 25-35′ Wide
Form: Narrow pyramidal
Foliage: Medium green foliage turns to orange-red in fall
Flower: None
Fruit: Non fruit bearing
Hardy to: 6,500′
Also available in a multi-stemmed clump form.

Tila Cordata for Sale

Greenspire Linden (Tilia cordata ‘Greenspire’)

Height: 30-40′ Tall, 25-35′ Wide
Form: Pyramidal shape
Foliage: Green foliage turns to yellow in fall
Flower: Pale yellow fragrant
Fruit: Non fruit bearing
Hardy to: 6,000′

Mature Shade Trees For Sale CO

Mature Shade trees for sale at Front Range are deciduous trees that have large enough canopies that they provide shade below the canopy.  There are several varieties of mature shade trees that will provide different visual interest throughout the seasons, depending on the interest you are looking for will determine which shade tree will suite your needs and yard the best.  The Autumn Blaze Maple tree for sale is one of our most popular shade trees.  The Autumn Blaze Maple is a great shade tree that will provide dense shade throughout the Spring and Summer and will provide a brilliant deep red fall color as the leaves change in the fall.  The Autumn Blaze Maple will be fully grown in Colorado grow to about 35′ tall and 25′ wide.  Another great option for a dense shade tree is a Redmond Linden or the Greenspire Linden.  The Redmond Linden or Greenspire Linden will grow in a pyramidal habit.  The Redmond Linden and The Greenspire Linden trees for sale both have a dense, glossy, green leaves.  A great option for a filtered shade is an Aspen Clump.  The Aspen Clumps are great for creating a filtered screen for privacy while providing filtered shade below them.  The Aspen Clumps will also provide noise as the wind moves between their leaves creating a soft rustling which can help drown out noise pollution from neighbors or a large road behind your home.

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