Evergreen Trees for Sale Colorado

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Colorado Blue Spruce (Picea pungens)

Height: 40-60′ Tall, 20-30′ Wide
Form: Broad pyramidal
Foliage: Gray-green to blue short needled, grows 8-12″ per year
Flower: None
Fruit: Long oval cones
Hardy to: 10,000′

Austrian Pine (Pinus nigra)

Height: 40-60′ Tall, 30-40′ Wide
Form: Broad pyramidal, grows 18-24″ per year
Foliage: Dark green long needled
Flower: None
Fruit: Conical cones
Hardy to: 8,000′

Ponderosa Pine (Pinus ponderosa)

Height: 60-80′ Tall, 30-40′ Wide
Form: Pyramidal, grows 12-18″ per year
Foliage: Light green to yellow long needled
Flower: None
Fruit: Oval cones
Hardy to: 9,000′

Pinion Pine (Pinus edulis)

Height: 20-30′ Tall, 10-20′ Wide
Form: Rounded, grows 8-12″ per year
Foliage: Deep green flat needled
Flower: None
Fruit: Rounded cones, edible nuts
Hardy to: 7,500′

Concolor/White Fir (Abies concolor)

Height: 40-60′ Tall, 15-20′ Wide
Form: Pyramidal and symmetrical
Foliage: Silvery blue-green flat needles
Flower: None
Fruit: Long oval cones
Hardy to: 10,000′

Bristlecone Pine (Pinus aristata)

Height: 20-40′ Tall, 10′ Wide
Form: Rounded to pyramidal, grows 4-6″ per year, character tree
Foliage: Dark green short needled, white resin specks underneath
Flower: None
Fruit: Egg shaped cones
Hardy to: 11,000′

Douglass Fir Trees For Sale

Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii)

Height: 50-80′ Tall, 15-20′ Wide
Form: Pyramidal
Foliage: Bright green short flat needles
Flower: None
Fruit: Drooping oval cones with projections under each scale
Hardy to: 10,000′

Evergreen Trees For Sale

An Evergreen Tree is a tree that has foliage/needles year-round.  Depending on the species of Evergreen the tree will have some shed throughout the year, however, it will never be completely bare making evergreens great for creating screening, a noise barrier or privacy for year round coverage.  The Colorado Blue Spruce for sale at Front Range are a great dense Evergreen to not only create a visual barrier, but a noise barrier from a noisy street or neighbor.  The Co Blue Spruce will genetically grow in (3) colors, a Green color, a Blue Color and an Icy Blue Color.  The Co Blue Spruce are a moderate grower, and will grow about 8-12″ a year with sufficient irrigation.  Another great option for an Evergreen tree for sale at Front Range that will create a dense barrier is an Austrian Pine tree.  An Austrian Pine tree will be a long needle pine that is very fast growing.  The Austrian Pine tree for sale will grown on average once established about 24″-36″ per year.  The Austrian Pine tree will create an dense bushy screen, that is great for creating privacy or year round coverage.  The Ponderosa Pine trees is a native Colorado Tree that will add character to any native oriented landscape.  The Ponderosa Pine is a drought tolerant option that will provide a filtered barrier for privacy.  The Ponderosa Pine tree has moderate growth and will on average grow about 18″-24″ a year.

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