Project Description

Newly built homes have become the majority of the projects we design and install. The blank slate left by builder allows us to work with clients to implement a project of their dreams. The client on this project came to us as they began their process of moving from out of state. This allowed for ample time to work through the design process on their trips back and forth to Colorado as they moved. The client wanted to create a seating area that would allow them to enjoy their landscape and the open space behind them at all times of the day and the year. This made the larger stamped concrete seating area the focus of the yard. We removed the existing pad at the base of the deck steps to create a continuous patio that seamlessly connects from the existing sliding glass door under the deck, to the larger seating area, and to the existing upper deck area. The Canada Red Cherry tree offers screening and shade from the summer sun while enjoying this larger seating area. The patio area under the deck will be able to be used as a breakfast nook or an afternoon hideaway for some quiet reading. Landscape lighting was a must to highlight the landscape elements throughout the evening BBQ’s and for the safety of travel down the concrete steps from the front drive during these evening events. This project allowed our crews to show the many facets of our company.

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