Live Potted Christmas Trees

Celebrate the holiday season with a live potted Christmas tree from Front Range Landscape and Nursery. We are fully stocked with potted Baby Blue Spruces from 5’ to 7’ tall that are grown naturally in Colorado! You can use potted trees in your home to decorate this Christmas and then add it to your landscape afterwards, removing the need to dispose of a fresh cut tree. This is an excellent option for those who want to upgrade the value of their property, while having the added benefit of using a live Christmas tree.

Live Christmas Trees Delivered

Stop by our Franktown nursery and take home your live potted Christmas tree today or let us deliver it to your door. We deliver to a 20-mile radius, taking away the hard work of hauling it on your own. After celebrating with your friends and family, we can plant your tree for you on a warm winter day!

Please see below for instructions to care for your live potted Christmas tree:

  • Your potted Christmas tree will need to be acclimated to the temperatures inside your home, therefore, please place the potted Christmas tree within the Garage for 3 days prior to placing the tree inside.
  • Then, place the potted Christmas tree within the home on display for a maximum of 15 days. Be sure to irrigate the tree while it is in your home to keep it moist.
  • A tip that we have used in the past is if you place ice cubes on the dirt, it will melt and slowly irrigate the tree while it is inside.
  • After Christmas, the tree will then need to be acclimated to the temperatures outside by being placed within the garage for 5-10 days prior to being placed back outside.
  • Once the tree is re-acclimated to the temperatures outside, it can be placed back outside.
  • The tree will be able to be planted on warm days when the ground is not frozen in January or February. Don’t worry, if you need help grounding your tree just give us a call and we’d be happy to handle the installation of your tree!

If you are looking for a traditional fresh cut Christmas tree, we carry Fraser Fir, Balsam Fir and Concolor Fir trees in a variety of sizes. These trees stand tall and are great for vaulted ceilings!

Potted Christmas Trees for Sale

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